Thanks to everyone for the feedback during recent seminars and lectures, which have been a great help in focusing upcoming training events in building conservation and heritage research for 2013.  The next few will concentrate on historical and building research and assessment techniques, and will combine practical exercises with the lectures to illustrate how it all comes together in practice. Following these, there will be another series of lectures on specialist topics such as the conservation of metals, timber, earth etc., as well as some one-off events on different conservation solutions.

WordPress provided a summary of site activity (2600 views from 54 countries) which highlighted the types of article which attracted the most interest, with the launch of Martello Towers of Dublin and the articles on stone slate roofing, energy efficiency and architectural metalwork coming in clear favourites. However, if anyone has any particular area of interest, please drop me an email to

Also, a final thanks to everyone for the positive feedback on ‘The Martello Towers of Dublin’ (co-written with Tim Carey, Rob Goodbody and Gerry Clabby) and ‘Exploring the Maritime Archaeology of Ireland’ available here both of which were published earlier this year. It was nice to have both historical research projects come to fruition. Best wishes to all for the coming year.