Rocks impregnable are not so stout, nor Gates of steel so strong, but time decays“, William Shakespeare, Sonnet 65DCIM100GOPRO

Condition assessments are undertaken to determine the current state of a site, historic building, wall surface and/or architectural element to identify the nature and significance of any decay processes. Condition surveys for historic properties and ruined archaeological monuments draw on specialised assessment methodologies and techniques to determine the decay processes leading to failure(s), the risks to the structure, and the necessary works for stabilisation and/or repair. The assessments, investigations and analyses undertaken during the condition survey identify areas of vulnerability, and provides the basis for a strategy to undertake effective cleaning, repairs and/or conservation work. Condition surveys may include:

  • Investigation & Diagnosis of Building Fabric and Material Failure
  • Recommendations for Repair and Conservation, Repair and Maintenance
  • Preparation of Specifications and/or Detailed Method Statements