The Directory of Archaeological Sources relating to County Kildare was prepared for Kildare County Council as an Action of the Kildare Heritage Plan 2005-2009. The project was commissioned in 2007 by Kildare County Council, and was co-funded by Kildare County Council and The Heritage Council. The directory provides an introduction to archaeological source material for County Kildare, and is intended for a wide range of users, including the general public, local groups, archaeologists, historians, policy and decision makers, and those in formal and informal education at all levels. This guide directs researchers to essential archaeological source material including textual information, maps, photographs and artefact repositories, and describes the usefulness of the different sources such as textual information, maps, photographs and artefact repositories, and the accessibility and holdings of the repositories.

Key types of information are introduced such as the Record of Monuments and Places, the Excavation Record, and specialist types of information such as maps, aerial photographs, satellite imagery, historic photographs and illustrations, as well as specialist disciplines such as industrial archaeology which use source material and references distinct from “mainstream” archaeology. Detailed descriptions are provided at both national and county level – directing researchers to archaeologically-relevant national libraries and repositories, and the main resources available within the county. The directory is not intended as an exhaustive work or a complete bibliography as many of the repositories and sources of information are continually being updated, but is instead intended as a practical reference book to guide researchers to where information can be found.

The directory is available to download here