The Proceedings of the International Conference on Fortified Heritage: management and sustainable development has been published. The conference focused on the conservation of military heritage, ranging from conservation techniques and methods to the social and economic impact of cultural heritage, and the opportunities that military monuments offer for the tourism, socio-cultural,  planning and heritage sectors. Cover of Proceedings

The conference considered the significance of military heritage (fortifications as part of daily life and as part of urban, rural and coastal landscapes); intervention and the use and re-use of sites which form an integral part of the cultural and/or historical setting in which it is located; and the future of military heritage.

Conference topics included conservation and restoration; management plans; safety and accessibility; recycling and sustainability; landscaping, maintenance and urban planning; funding, foundations and volunteering; communication, marketing and branding; and culture, tourism and education. The conference provided great insight into the wide range of approaches of conserving and protecting fortifications across Europe and in the Caribbean and south America. My contribution was a case study on the Dalkey Islands as an example of military heritage surrounded by a diverse cultural landscape composed of living natural heritage, and cultural heritage including significant Mesolithic, neolithic and early medieval remains were the challenge is to find a balance.