Understanding the historical and/or archaeological significance of a place often entails drawing on a wide range of sources.  While national and international libraries and online resources hold an ever-increasing wealth of research material , local sources often offer a unique resource and a unique perspective on historic places. In addition to studies published for County Kildare and Fingal, and a book on the study of Irelands maritime heritage, this research project explored the range of research material relating to the archaeological heritage of County Sligo.

The guide for archaeological sources for the county was commissioned by Sligo County Council, on behalf of the Sligo Heritage Forum and in association with The Heritage Council. The purpose of the guide was to provide a practical, comprehensive and user-friendly reference book to archaeological source material for County Sligo. The guide was written by a three-person team including Martin and Mary Timoney. The contents of the final draft of the Sligo Archaeological Sources guide is found below:

Part 1
Map of Sligo County Council
Archaeological Time Frames

Part II
Main Sources
The Archives of the  Archaeological Survey of Ireland
The Underwater Archaeology Unit & The Wreck Register
Aerial Photographic Records
The Excavation Record
EIS as a Source
The Artefact Record
Cartographic and Topographical Records
Architectural Records
Illustrations and Photographs
Local History & Folklore Sources
Military Historical Records
Industrial Archaeological Sources

Part III
Main Repositories
The National Monuments and Architectural Protection Division of the Department of the Environment, Heritage and Local Government
The National Museum of Ireland
The Royal Irish Academy
The National Archives
The Geological Survey of Ireland
The Irish Architectural Archive
The Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland
The National Library of Ireland
The Ordnance Survey
The Registry of Deeds

Part IV
Primary Historical Sources for Co. Sligo

Part V
Secondary Sources for Co. Sligo
Key Publications – Published and Unpublished Archaeological Sources
Key Published and Unpublished Excavation Reports
Key Academic Theses on the Archaeology of Co. Sligo
Local Journals and societies
Locally Published Books
Sources for Legislation and Codes of Practice

Part VI
Archaeological and Local History Societies
Local Heritage Centres
Useful Websites